Celebrate Polonia

Celebrate Polonia
Saturday, November 10, 2018
7:30 pm- 9:30 pm
$10-$75 Kup bilet

Commemorate the heroes of Polish classical music at Celebrate Polonia, as part of the Chicago Philharmonic Festival: Poland 2018, on November 10 2018 at the Copernicus Center, Chicago. Artistic Director and Principal Conductor Scott Speck leads the Chicago Philharmonic orchestra and special guest artist, Polish pianist Łukasz Krupiński, with music from Paderewski, Chopin, Szymanowski and Panufnik. The festival is a five day celebration of Polish music and culture commemorating 100 years of regaining Polish independence.

Warsaw-born Krupiński, winner of the 7th International Piano Competition in San Marino, finalist in the International Competition of Ferruccio Busoni and semi-finalist in the 7th Frederic Chopin International Piano Competition, joins Chi Phil for Frederic Chopin’s technically demanding Andante spianato et grande polonaise brillante. The Grande Polonaise for piano and orchestra was composed at the beginning of Chopin’s career in 1830. He added the Andante spianato, an unaccompanied piano solo piece, in 1936 to finalize this brilliant and dramatic piece.

Krupiński will also perform with the orchestra in the Piano Concerto in A minor by Ignacy Jan Paderewski – pianist, composer, politician, statesman and spokesman for Polish independence. Paderewski, already a popular and acclaimed musician, entered politics during the First World War and was instrumental in negotiating a united and independent Poland. 

Also featured are composers Sir Andrzej Panufnik and Karol Szymanowski. Panufnik’s Tragic Overture, echoing the atmosphere of the Second World War in which it was composed, was dedicated to the composer’s own personal hero, his brother, who perished in the Warsaw Uprising. The original was in fact lost, destroyed during the war, but Panufnik painstakingly reconstructed the score from memory. Szymanowski’s expressive, romantic Concert Overture debuted at the first historic “Young Poland in Music” concert. The Young Poland movement, a philosophical movement to revitalize the arts in Poland, spanned across the visual arts, literature and music, with Szymanowski considered one of greatest composers of the group.

Pre-concert entertainment will be presented by the Lira Ensemble singers, performing from 6:30 pm to 7 pm. 

Chicago Philharmonic, winner of the Illinois Council of Orchestra’s “2018 Orchestra of the Year Award”, invites you to join us in this spectacular and beautiful tribute to the great composers of Poland.

Scott Speck conductor
Łukasz Krupiński piano

Paderewski Piano Concerto
Chopin Andante spianato et grande polonaise brillante

Szymanowski Concert Overture
Panufnik Tragic Overture

Approximate running time 2 hours